Saturday, July 10, 2010

He had me at Chihuly...

As I continue my never-ending search for unique homes to try out, I stumbled upon an architecture firm that immediately produced a new crush. I am always amazed at the serendipitous quality of SL. I was searching for beach/barbeque duds to attend Dulcie's party this weekend, when the search engine displayed a prefab home shop that looked intriguing. I teleported, intending to just poke around for a minute, but upon arrival, one of the galleries had original photography for sale that appeared to be close up captures of RL Chihuly sculptures! Then, as I took in the beautiful textures in the builds around me, I was totally hooked!

Jameson Architects and the Stoneworks Gallery are currently displaying beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. The selection is not huge, but the styles are consistent. If you like contemporary style ala Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration, then Jameson is the place to try before purchasing you next home. The creator, Jaij Jameson, offers both condo high rises and individual homes.....mostly contemporary, geometric shapes, but highlighted with nature based textures that give a feel of living outdoors while being indoors. A few of the styles are Asian inspired, but small details, such as flowing water indoors and doors that fold all the way open to allow the outside entertaining area to flow into the main living space, make these builds unique.

While some of the smaller builds are basic and very affordable, I am completely in love with his Pavilions House design. Filled with beautiful textures, open design and several water features....I am determined to buy this house one day to keep in my inventory. Yes, at over 400 prims, it is a bit prim heavy, but totally worth it! When I toured it for the first time, I was reminded of the difference between house rental and Homestead building in SL. Homesteads are defined as larger land parcels, unique house designs and enhanced by landscaping and semi-privacy. Instead of renting a house or apartment, you are creating an estate-like experience that enhances the "home" feel of SL. Of course, a home is what you make of it, but for those of you more inclined to go for the homestead feel, I will be featuring some other unique prefab homes from time to time. I love home shopping almost as much as I love decorating them! I will include a few more photos of the Pavillions House below....but don't forget to browse the gallery for modern art accessories!



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